Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Content Writers - Use Rent A Coder

A lot of people that are into freelance content writing will avoid sites like Rent A Coder. It is hard to understand why as this is one web site that can make you a lot of money. We are basically dealing with one site that puts freelancers and people looking for freelancers in the same place. Content writers usually avoid this site because of thinking it is only aimed towards programming. This is far from being true as Rent A Coder has everything for everyone. You will find buyers that are looking for all sorts of jobs from creating complex web sites to data entry. There is even one special section that is entirely dedicated to writing. It includes ghost writing jobs, content writing jobs, technical writing jobs and even translation jobs. Let me tell you how you can benefit from this web site.

Content Writing Benefits on Rent A Coder (RAC)

The biggest problems that content writers are faced with today are linked with money and payment. Rent A Coder does a great job at that because everything is secured and there is absolutely no way that you will write or do the particular job you are hired for and not get paid. When one job is accepted the money will be escrowed and this means that the buyer will not be able to retrieve it and not pay you anymore. All is secured and you will surely get your money for what you work.

Rent A Coder is very serious and there is a lot of security implemented and even an audition based system in the event that the buyer does not want to pay you for what you did and is giving reasons that are not true. In this event you will go through arbitration and if you are right and you did what you agreed to do for the buyer then you will get your money.

Payment for what you do can be received through checks, PayPal or Western Union, whatever you want to and payments can be done twice per month or once per month. I personally use PayPal as there a lot more benefits that go through towards having part of the money in the PayPal account.

Diversity offered in Rent A Coder

Keep in mind that you will be faced with a very big market for exposure. Most successful content writers today and web promoters (even marketing gurus) started through a freelance system. Rent A Coder simply makes it a lot easier for you to start. You can opt to go for content writing jobs or whatever you feel you are good at and can do. If you want to do data entry you can do that! If you are capable to do a PHP programming project or a web site that combines content writing with PHP or HTML then you can do that and get paid for it. The only real problem is that the site will stop 15% of all the money you make as a freelancer. This basically means that you will need to make your price higher with this ammount to included it in your bids for jobs. Do not worry as everyone is doing so! Rent A Coder is a great way to start your content writing experience.

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